October 14, 2014/Press Releases


Hartford, CT — Governor Chris Christie was supposed to be in the state today—for the fourth time—to stump for Tom Foley. Yet, he pulled the plug. Why?

Because of Tom Foley’s surging unpopularity? Because the needle is moving in the wrong direction for the Republican gubernatorial candidate? Because of sustained scrutiny of Foley’s $5 million dollar yacht, seven-bedroom mansion and fighter jets while paying a zero percent effective federal income tax rate for two years?

What’s clear is that Foley’s campaign is struggling—and Christie’s cancellation raises even more questions about the viability of Foley’s campaign. When Foley’s biggest backer at the RGA is pulling the plug on his visit and prioritizing other races, it’s clear things are moving in the wrong direction for Tom Foley.

This also appears to be the first time this cycle that Christie has canceled an RGA-endorsed candidate event for political reasons.

“The more Connecticut residents get to know Tom Foley, the less they like him. When they hear about fighter jets, yachts, and mansions—bought during a career of destroying the lives of middle class families—they realize he will reverse the progress Connecticut has made. Now, even his biggest out-of-state backers are tip-toeing around Tom Foley,” said Ian Sams, a spokesperson for the Connecticut Democratic Party. “Tom Foley has offered voters plagiarized plans, no specifics, and no vision for the future. It’s no surprise that his biggest boosters—Chris Christie and the RGA—are running away from him.”