December 23, 2014/Press Releases


Hartford, CT — Today the Democratic Party announced that Executive Director Jonathan Harris will step down.


Assuming the Executive Director position in 2012, Harris previously served in a variety of public service roles — as West Hartford Mayor, State Senator, and Deputy State Treasurer.


During his tenure, he led the Democratic Party to resounding victories in 2012 and 2014, winning all statewide and Congressional races. Raising over $7.5 million this cycle alone, Harris oversaw a dramatic expansion of the Party and built a field operation of unprecedented scope in Connecticut. During the last four days of the Party’s get-out-the-vote effort this November, organizers and volunteers made over a million and a half voter contact attempts.


“While I’m looking forward to whatever the future may hold, I can’t help but reflect on our tremendous successes in the past months and years. We worked hard to build a versatile, resilient party capable of withstanding the toughest challenges. Having delivered results for Democrats up and down the ballot, and with the infrastructure we put in place, I’m confident the Party is poised to continue remaining a step ahead of our opponents. I’m very proud of all the work we did together, and I would like to thank my Chair, Nancy DiNardo, and all of the staff here at the Party for their dedication, hard work, and support,” Jonathan Harris said.


As the CDP continues to build for future cycles, Chairwoman Nancy DiNardo announced that Michael Mandell will assume the role of Executive Director. Mandell most recently served as Deputy Campaign Manager for Governor Dan Malloy’s re-election. Prior, he worked on the Governor’s 2010 race, later serving in the administration as a legislative aide. He has also worked as a policy advisor to the Governor in a variety of areas, including education, public safety, and economic and consumer affairs.


“Jonathan has built an infrastructure never before seen in Connecticut — and it helped lead us to victory. He modernized the Party, building it nearly from the ground up. As we maintain its strength, we are all grateful for his exceptional work over the past several years,” Governor Dan Malloy said. “I know Michael will do an outstanding job as Executive Director. He has a wide-variety of talents — policy knowledge, political awareness, campaign experience — that are well-suited for this role. There is no ceiling to what he will be able to accomplish.”


“This is a new role, with new challenges, that I’m excited to take on. I’m looking forward to working with our staff, DSCC members, and all of our dedicated volunteers to deliver an even bigger, stronger, faster Democratic Party. We’re going to keep this Party — and this state — going forward by out-hustling and out-working our opponents. We’re going to build on the successes of the past as we look to deliver results in the future,” Michael Mandell said.


“Jonathan has been so important to the Party’s success. He’s done incredible work, and I am so thankful to him. I wish him well in his future endeavors,” Party Chairwoman Nancy DiNardo said. “Michael is exceptionally talented, with a keen understanding of the intersection between politics, policy, and elections. With him at the helm, I know the Connecticut Democratic Party will only continue to grow in the future.”


“Jonathan has done terrific things not just for this Party, but for the entire state of Connecticut. He will be missed here,” said Nick Balletto, Vice Chair of the Connecticut Democratic Party. “I know Michael is an outstanding strategist and even better executor, and he will serve the CDP well. I know our Party can and will achieve even more success going forward.”