January 7, 2015/Press Releases


Hartford, CT — Connecticut Democratic Party Chairwoman Nancy DiNardo released the following statement in response to Governor Dan Malloy’s 2015 State of the State Address:

“Our state was at a crossroads this past election when voters were given two choices – the opportunity to build on the progress made to date or to turn back the clock on the policies and politics that were moving our state forward. Governor Malloy proved again today why he was the right choice this past November,” stated DiNardo.

“Since day one, Dan Malloy has championed sound public policy and the fiscal discipline to ensure Connecticut is competitive in a 21-century global economy, and also ensure we remain the best place to work, play and raise a family.

“Rather than choosing to saddle future generations with inherited problems by running away from tough decisions or turning a blind eye to the challenges facing Connecticut’s middle class, the Governor has shown the principle and conviction to make the tough but smart choices in order to move the state forward and build a foundation for a strong economic environment for years to come. The issues mentioned today were the same issues the Governor spoke about this past fall, and I am proud he is continuing to fight for progress in a second term.

“And while we have seen tremendous progress during his first term in cutting our long-term debt, lowering crime to a 40-year low, cutting our uninsured in half, strengthening our public education system and charting a path towards universal pre-K, setting an economic policy that fosters innovation and revitalization and ensures our residents earn a fair wage and are provided good benefits – the Governor knows that there is more work to do. I was proud to hear him call for an honest conversation about how we transform our transportation system, and ensure that the smart investments we make are dedicated to building a world-class transportation system that can connect our businesses, communities, and residents – making Connecticut competitive for years to come as we continue to grow jobs and strengthen our middle class.”