June 16, 2015/Press Releases, Uncategorized

CT Dems Statement on Christie Fundraiser in New Haven

New Haven, Ct. –  New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is back on tour, leaving New Jersey for a fundraiser tonight in New Haven. The event, dubbed An evening of Cigars, Cocktails and Politics – which last year featured a protest from gun rights groups – is co-hosted by RNC member and State Rep. John Frey, perhaps signifying a rift within the Connecticut GOP.

“Another year, another mark of division within the Connecticut GOP ranks. Last year, it was a contest of which candidate could move furthest to the right. This year, the story is repeating itself in the GOP presidential primary. Let me be very clear: Every one of the Republican presidential candidates would favor the wealthiest individuals and corporations over the needs of working Connecticut families.

“Chris Christie’s tenure as Governor has been an unmitigated disaster. Under his watch, New Jersey’s credit rating has been downgraded a record nine times and serious questions remain about the Bridgegate scandal. New Jersey has had it with Chris Christie, where 69% of voters think he would be a bad president.

“In Connecticut, it should say enough that twice failed gubernatorial candidate Tom Foley – who is eyeing yet another run for Governor- is a high-profile Christie bundler. Their shared prioritization of corporations and the wealthiest Americans over the middle class rings hollow in Connecticut and won’t work in the rest of the country either.” – Connecticut Democratic Party spokesman Leigh Appleby