October 13, 2015/Uncategorized

CT Dems demand answers on Herbst involvement in hiring a private investigator with taxpayer money

The Connecticut Democratic Party today demanded answers on Tim Herbst’s involvement in the Town’s decision to hire a private investigator, with taxpayer money, to investigate one of Herbst’s political opponents, DTC Chairman Tom Kelly.

Here’s what we know so far. (1) A private investigator was hired with public money to look into the residence of DTC Chairman Tom Kelly. (2) Herbst was the sole beneficiary of the investigator’s findings. And (3) Herbst and his team leaked the investigator’s biased and incomplete findings to the media before any process was allowed to play out.

Despite the fact that Herbst is the town’s chief executive, he denies responsibility for the politically motivated decision to hire the private investigator.

And now the Connecticut Republican Party – chaired by Herbst’s former campaign manager and buddy JR Romano – is trying to make political hay over the inaccurate and this misuse of public funds for political gain.

“It is laughable that Tim Herbst expects people to believe that he wasn’t directly involved in the decision to allocate hard-earned taxpayer dollars to hire a private investigator to attack one of his opponents. Herbst has a long history of bullying and tormenting his opponents as he attempts to climb Connecticut’s political ladder. Connecticut Democrats intend to hold him accountable.” – Connecticut Democratic Party spokesman Leigh Appleby