January 16, 2016/Press Releases

CT Dems react to GOP straw poll results

Hartford, Ct. – Last night, the Connecticut Republican Party held its quadrennial straw poll. And as expected, Republican frontrunner Donald Trump handily won. The Connecticut Democratic Party released the following statement:

“Donald Trump‘s resounding victory in the GOP straw poll proves once again that Trump‘s racist, xenophobic views – once the right-wing fringe of the party – now represent the mainstream of the Connecticut Republican Party. Let me be very clear: Trump‘s proposals – including his ‘ban on Muslims’ – are not only unconstitutional, they are un-American. 

“Despite J.R. Romano’s past actions, his party is clearly calling out for leadership, and he can no longer hide. These were party activists and donors who attended to the straw poll. Despite the fact that he tried to hide the result by claiming that the results weren’t ‘scientific,’ party insiders whom Romano attracted to the straw poll voted overwhelmingly to back Trump and his racist, xenophobic platform.” – CT Dems spokesman Leigh Appleby