February 26, 2016/News

Wolf accused of anti-LGBT bias, CT GOP says… nothing

As Neil Vigdor reports in today’s Connecticut Post, GOP Senate candidate August Wolf – already under fire for neglecting to file his Federal Election Commission financial reports – is now being accused by former campaign staffers of bias against LGBT people.

Even worse for the Wolf campaign, neither the candidate nor staff were ‘prepared’ to respond to the accusations. Connecticut GOP Chairman J.R. Romano, predictably, also declined to comment.

Although no Republicans have responded to the accusations, the Connecticut Democratic Party will.

“We all wondered what was happening with the Wolf campaign, but now we know. These incidents not only raise real and fundamental questions about the type of campaign he is running, but also the type of U.S. Senator he aspires to become. But even more troubling is the Connecticut Republican Party’s continued refusal to address the blatant hatred and bigotry within its ranks. When a member of the Republican State Central Committee openly flaunted the Confederate flag, Chairman Romano was silent. When Donald Trump put forward his un-American proposals to ban an entire religion from entering the country, Chairman Romano was silent. And now when their own Senate candidate is accused of systemic bias and homophobia, Chairman Romano yet again remains silent.

“This consistent refusal to take a position on even the most basic things tells you all you need to know about the Connecticut Republican Party. Refusing to stand up to hatred and bigotry is itself hatred and bigotry.” – Connecticut Democratic Party spokesman Leigh Appleby