March 3, 2016/Uncategorized

Romney decimates Trump. CT Republicans stay silent.

In a speech at the University of Utah today, Mitt Romney – the most recent GOP presidential nominee – took the extraordinary step of lambasting the presumed 2016 nominee Donald Trump.

But as Republicans around the country get more and more desperate to derail Trump’s campaign, Connecticut’s top Republican leaders have refused to answer a simple question: Will they support Donald Trump if he is their party’s presidential nominee?

“Senator Len Fasano and Representative Themis Klarides are the highest ranking Republicans in Connecticut. As the leaders of their party, they need to be honest with Connecticut voters and tell us whether they would support Donald Trump for president as Republican candidates’ standard-bearer this fall.” – Connecticut Democratic Party spokesman Leigh Appleby. 

Connecticut Democrats are also calling on all announced Republican congressional candidates – Clay Cope, John Shaban and Daria Novak – to answer the same question. If they want to be entrusted with representing the people of Connecticut, voters deserve to know where they stand.

We already know about flailing Senate candidate Augie Wolf: