May 9, 2016/News

Excerpts From GOP Convention Press Call

The Connecticut Democratic Party this afternoon held a conference call with reporters to hold Donald Trump – and the Connecticut Republicans who support Trump’s agenda – accountable in advance of this afternoon’s Connecticut GOP State Convention. The following are excerpts from the call.

Connecticut Democratic Party Chairman Nick Balletto said:

Tonight Republicans will hold a convention of their own, and I want to be clear: It doesn’t matter which Senate or House candidates they nominate. Any one of them would be a rubber stamp for Donald Trump and his extreme agenda….

“Here in Connecticut every Republican candidate for U.S. Senate and House of Representatives has either fully embraced Donald Trump, or they have been silent about his candidacy. And silence in the face of oppression is itself oppression.

“The Trump-Republican agenda is simply too extreme for Connecticut, and we are going to do everything in our power to make sure that he – and the Connecticut Republicans who subscribe to his agenda – are defeated this fall.”

State Rep. Matt Lesser said:

“Donald Trump is the most dangerous person ever to seek the presidency, and Connecticut Republicans really have to answer tonight as to whether or not they are prepared to be a rubber stamp for his dangerous and divisive agenda….

“Donald Trump is exploiting racial anxieties and cultural fears in pursuit of getting elected, to the point where his rallies have sparked violence against people of color, against protesters, and against the media. And the real question Connecticut Republicans have to ask is whether or not that’s their party, and whether or not they’re going to stand and be another foot soldier in Trump’s radical, dangerous, and divisive agenda.”

East Hartford Mayor Marcia Leclerc said:

“I think it’s appropriate for me to speak on women’s health issues this week, since it is Women’s Health Week. As a single parent, a mother, and a grandmother, I couldn’t think of a stronger focus to raise as one of the issues – and I say one because there are so many negative things about Donald Trump. But as a woman, we make up 50 percent of the population of the United States of America, and yet pay equality continues to be a problem….

“The bottom line is that Donald Trump is dangerous, and as all the others have said on this party line – we can make greater bridges to work together and cooperatively move the United States forward or we can be divided through hatred.”

State Sen. Cathy Osten said:

“As a matter of fact, we should give him … the nickname ‘Dangerous Donald’ for his record of jeopardizing national security. He has actively tried to damage America’s relationships across the globe.”