May 17, 2016/News

SHOT/CHASER: GOP Business As Usual Edition

SHOT: Senate Republican Leader Len Fasano has spent weeks trying to rile up anyone who will listen by decrying “business as usual” at the Capitol.

CHASER: Days after legislative Democrats came together to pass a balanced budget that doesn’t raise taxes and finds significant long-term savings through structural changes, Fasano and Senate Republicans revert to gamesmanship and resort to political posturing by putting forward a four-day-late budget amendment.

LIME: In the weeks leading up to the special budget session, Fasano continually attacked Democrats for posting their budget late.

“Speaking of ‘business as usual,’ Senator Fasano waits until after Democrats have made the hard choices necessary to balance Connecticut’s budget to put forward a purely political proposal of his own. He complains about not being taken seriously as a partner in governing, but won’t put his own ideas on the table until the process has concluded. As Democrats look to put Connecticut on a responsible fiscal path and make the necessary structural changes, it’s the Republicans sticking to their tired old gimmicks and political antics.” – Connecticut Democratic Party spokesman Leigh Appleby