June 14, 2016/News

Does Klarides Continue To Stand With Trump?

House GOP leader Themis Klarides has spent the past several weeks trying to make news by getting into Twitter battles with legislative Democrats. Yet when it comes to one famously controversial Twitter user, she remains deafeningly silent.

Since Klarides fully embraced Donald Trump earlier this year, she has refused to reveal whether she agrees with his extreme policy proposals or his dangerous rhetoric. Does she agree with his most recent delusional and offensive assertions in the aftermath of the worst mass shooting in United States history that President Obama was somehow complicit in the attack?

Does she agree with Joe Visconti – a leader in today’s Connecticut Republican Party and a Trump supporter – that rather than enacting the commonsense gun safety reforms our Democratic congressional delegation has proposed, we should cozy up to the gun lobby?

“The question for Themis Klarides is simple: Does she continue to support Donald Trump despite his increasingly dangerous and divisive campaign, or does she disavow him? Her deafening silence is proof enough that she is willing to put her party affiliation over the well-being of her country.” – Connecticut Democratic Party spokesman Leigh Appleby