June 28, 2016/Press Releases

For Sen. Witkos, Handing Out Ribbons is Better than Taking Action to Prevent Gun Violence and Discrimination

HARTFORD, CT – Today Deputy Senate Minority Leader Kevin Witkos (R-Canton) announced to all legislators and all General Assembly staff that his office would be “handing out Pulse memory pins in honor of the 49 individuals killed in the Orlando nightclub shooting earlier this month.” (See below for full email.)

In response to the senator’s hypocrisy, Connecticut Democratic Party Executive Director Michael Mandell released the following statement:

“While we respect the gesture of handing out memory pins after such a horrific tragedy, Sen. Witkos’s offer does not match his actions. Sen. Witkos has voted to keep guns in the hands of domestic abusers and repeatedly voted against guaranteeing the legal rights of the LGBTQ community.  Handing out ribbons won’t prevent the next tragedy, and it is hypocritical to only express concern after the fact. Real action is needed to prevent discrimination and keep guns out the hands of dangerous people. Sen. Witkos and many of his Republican colleagues have failed that test far too many times – which is not surprising when the Republican Party is led by a misogynistic, reactionary and xenophobic presidential candidate in Donald Trump.”

Sen. Witkos’s long history of voting against bipartisan legislation to Connecticut citizens from discrimination and gun violence includes:

Voting again Public Act 05-10 An Act Concerning Civil Unions;

Voting against Public Act 07-938 An Act Concerning the Reporting Lost or Stolen Firearms and Illegal Firearms Trafficking;

Voting against Public Act 11-55 An Act Concerning Discrimination;

Voting against Public Act 09-13 An Act Implementing the Guarantee of Equal Protection Under the Constitution for Same Sex Couples;

Voting against Public Act No. 13-3 An Act Concerning Gun Violence Prevention and Children’s Safety; and

Voting against Public Act 16-34 An Act Protecting Victims of Domestic Violence.”

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