June 8, 2016/News

Republicans Remain Silent On Trump

While national Republicans scramble to run away from Donald Trump’s blatantly racist comments about an Indiana-born judge of Mexican heritage (and his comments about Muslim judges… and his campaign’s comments about female judges), Connecticut Republicans are staying silent, refusing to disavow Trump’s reprehensible behavior. Although Trump’s statements have been widely condemned, the silence from Connecticut’s GOP politicians is tantamount to an embrace.

  • In April Senate Republican leader Len Fasano – responsible for appointing GOP members of the Judiciary Committee – called Trump a “cathartic voice.” Today his opinion of the Republican nominee’s racism is nowhere to be found.
  • In April House Republican leader Themis Klarides – responsible for appointing GOP members of the Judiciary Committee – said, “I will be supporting him.” On Trump’s most recent racist comments she remains silent.
  • State Sen. Art Linares – a member of the Judiciary Committee that approves judges – is an alternate to the Republican National Convention supporting Trump. Yet he has not answered whether he agrees with Trump’s racist attacks on Judge Curiel.
  • State Rep. John Frey – an RNC member – is a Republican National Convention delegate for Trump. His silence on his party’s nominee’s racism and hatred is a tacit endorsement of his offensive language.

“The Connecticut Republicans who have endorsed Donald Trump need to answer for their candidate. His statements over past weeks have been vile and racist, and voters deserve to know exactly where their elected representatives stand. Trump is the most dangerous presidential candidate of our lifetimes. He lacks the temperament and judgment to be president, and the Republicans supporting him need to be held accountable.” – Connecticut Democratic Party spokesman Leigh Appleby

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