July 11, 2016/News

Duff Calls Out Republicans. Their Response Is Mind-Boggling.

Senate Majority Leader Bob Duff took to Twitter this morning to call out Republican leaders for their blatant pattern of rooting for Connecticut’s failure to score cheap political points. In a series of tweets, Duff cited  examples of GOP leaders declining to react to positive economic news, despite their well-documented history of issuing statements and tweeting whenever a negative economic story comes out.






We’re still waiting on a response from House GOP Leader Themis Klarides and Senate GOP Leader Len Fasano, but, never one to be deterred by facts, Republican Senator Rob Kane chimed in, disparaging the 150 new jobs created at Subway’s headquarters in Milford as “footling grinders.” Never mind the fact that these are new tech jobs, why would Rob Kane denigrate a Connecticut-based company that has committed to stay and create good jobs here? Why would he belittle the people who work for Subway?

“Who is Rob Kane to mock a Connecticut employer’s decision to grow high-paying jobs at their in-state headquarters? Who is he to trivialize tech jobs – or any jobs for that matter? The truth is that Senator Kane – like just about every other legislative Republican – is more concerned with rooting for failure and painting our state in a negative light for political gain than working with Democrats to move our economy forward. Connecticut deserves much better.” – Connecticut Democratic Party Executive Director Michael Mandell