August 10, 2016/News

Chris Shays: Why I’m voting for Hillary Clinton

CT Dems’ Reaction: “We are glad to see Congressman Shays step forward and put country before party. Unfortunately, current Connecticut GOP elected officials refuse to show the same courage. Donald Trump clearly lacks the temperament to serve as president. He has spent the past day inciting violence and the past week insulting a Gold Star family. Yet Connecticut Republicans – including House GOP leader Themis Klarides, congressional candidate Clay Cope, and state party Chairman J.R. Romano – continue to defend their nominee. I want to be very clear: Anything short of a full disavowal of Donald Trump constitutes a full embrace of his backwards policies and inflammatory rhetoric.” – Connecticut Democratic Party Chairman Nick Balletto

CNN: Chris Shays: Why I’m voting for Hillary Clinton

By Christopher Shays

During the 34 years I served as a Republican elected official in Connecticut, 13 years in the State House of Representatives, and 21 years in Congress, I always voted for our Republican candidate for governor and our Republican candidate for president.

Always, but not this time.

Donald Trump lost me a long time ago.

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