August 1, 2016/News

National Republicans Distance Themselves From Trump. CT Republicans Fail.

Even as national Republicans from Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell to John McCain and even New Hampshire’s GOP chairwoman try to distance themselves from Donald Trump’s repeated attacks on a Gold Star family, the Connecticut Republicans supporting Trump continue to put politics before people and side with their candidate.

  • According to the Hartford Courant, Connecticut GOP Chairman J.R. Romano blamed selective media coverage for the controversy surrounding his party’s nominee’s attacks on the family of Captain Humayun Khan.
  • GOP U.S. Senate nominee Dan Carter refused to distance himself from Trump and instead tried to score cheap political points.
  • And congressional candidate Clay Cope tried to nonsensically blame President Obama and Secretary Clinton while attempting to sow seeds of division against the Muslim community, all without addressing Donald Trump’s comments.

“Donald Trump has no decency. He has spent the past several days attacking a family that has sacrificed so much for this nation. Captain Humayun Khan was a hero and deserves nothing but respect and admiration. Trump’s Connecticut supporters need to quickly and forcefully condemn this disgusting and slanderous rhetoric. It is simply unconscionable that J.R. Romano, Dan Carter, and Clay Cope have failed to do so. Connecticut voters should expect much more from politicians and political candidates.” – Connecticut Democratic Party spokesman Leigh Appleby