August 30, 2016/News

UConn College Republicans call Trump “mentally unstable,” won’t endorse

Joining a growing number of college GOP organizations across the country, the UConn College Republicans announced that they will not endorse the candidacy of their party’s presidential nominee, Donald Trump, according to the Daily Campus.

It is clear that young voters in record numbers are rejecting the hateful policies and divisive rhetoric of the Trump campaign. Despite party chairman J.R. Romano’s talk of expanding the GOP tent, however, the Connecticut Republican Party continues to stand by their party’s nominee and alienate young voters.

“Young voters in Connecticut and around the country will make their voices heard on November 8, and they will soundly reject Donald Trump. Thanks to their desire to defund Planned Parenthood, their opposition to raising the minimum wage or ensuring earned sick time, and their lack of concrete plans to make higher education more affordable, Connecticut Republicans already face a significant deficit with young voters. If GOP candidates across the state continue to support Donald Trump’s candidacy, they will only further alienate younger voters. We hope more Republicans will follow the lead of the UConn GOP, but we aren’t holding our breath.” – Connecticut Democratic Party spokesman Leigh Appleby

Connecticut Democrats are also specifically calling on the GOP candidates running to represent UConn in the state legislature – John French and Mark Sargent – to make clear whether they are standing with the College Republicans and denouncing Trump or they’re continuing to stand by their party’s erratic nominee.