September 9, 2016/News

Heather Somers flunked the Trump test

CT Dems’ Reaction: “Donald Trump is the most dangerous presidential candidate of our lifetimes. He has spent the last several days singing the praises of Russian autocrat Vladimir Putin, insulting our generals while pretending he has a secret plan to defeat ISIS, and blaming military sexual assault on men and women serving together – in essence, blaming the victims. This alone should disqualify him, but he has also mocked people with disabilities, attacked a Gold Star family, and promised to ban an entire religion from entering our country. Despite it all, Heather Somers continues to support Trump. This is just another example of Somers’s poor judgement: First she stood with Ambassador Tom Foley in his failed gubernatorial campaign, and now she’s standing by Donald Trump. Connecticut deserves better than a voice in the State Senate that supports Donald Trump’s campaign and agenda.” – Connecticut Democratic Party spokesman Leigh Appleby

The Day: Heather Somers flunked the Trump test

By David Collins

I have a hard time with the candidacy of Timothy Bowles of Preston, the Democrat running to replace Andrew Maynard in the 18th District state Senate rate.

The idea of sending a former union officer, a retired state worker with a generous pension, to Hartford to solve the state’s union-fostered, pension-burdened fiscal crisis seems like madness.

On the other hand, I can’t vote for someone — and I live in the 18th District — who supports Donald Trump.

Republican Heather Somers of Groton, who lost her bid in 2014 to be lieutenant governor as Tom Foley’s running mate, seems to have a strong bid to win this fall in the 18th.

She lost me, though, in this week’s debate in which she said she will be supporting her party’s nominee for president.

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