November 22, 2016/Press Releases

CT Dems’ Statement On Boughton Exploratory Committee

Hartford, Ct. – Connecticut Democratic Party Executive Director Michael Mandell released the following statement.

“For years, Mark Boughton has been the embodiment of hypocrisy. He has been all too eager to embrace the state’s policies when they benefit his own politics in Danbury, yet he has criticized the same policies when they created jobs in other areas of the state and didn’t personally benefit him. Rhetorically, Boughton has recently attempted to claim high ground when it was politically expedient for him, yet he has peddled in identity politics in the past, bashing immigrants to benefit his re-election campaign. Track records are important, and Boughton’s is one of flippant changes to positions and postures.

“We need a governor who will fight for the people of Connecticut, not just their own political future. Mark Boughton has proven time and time again that he puts his own political ambition above all else. Our people and our communities deserve better.”