December 12, 2016/Press Releases

Tell us again how serial tax-raiser @MayorMark will improve the business climate?

Hartford, Ct. – Turns out that Mark Boughton hasn’t thought out his economic proposals beyond 140 characters. In a faltering Face the State interview, Boughton, who has raised taxes on a nearly annual basis during his eight terms as mayor of Danbury, once again attacked Governor Malloy’s use of state incentives to create thousands of high-paying Connecticut jobs, but struggled to define how his policies would differ.

Instead, Boughton went to the same tired talking points about improving Connecticut’s business climate, while failing to define how he would do so.

“Mark Boughton wants voters to believe he will wave a magic wand and lower everyone’s taxes, but the truth is that he has been a serial tax-raiser in Danbury,” said Connecticut Democratic Party Executive Director Michael Mandell. “Beyond counting down from 140 characters on his phone, the mayor just can’t make his math work. In reality, if Mark Boughton had his way, not only would Connecticut residents and businesses likely pay higher taxes, but, without state investments, we would have real trouble attracting new businesses to our state. The Connecticut Comeback sounds good on paper, but in reality would just take Connecticut’s economy backwards.”