February 23, 2017/News

Boughton Stands With Trump, And Against Danbury Immigrants

In a blatantly political move as he runs for governor, Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton is falling in line with Donald Trump’s anti-immigrant agenda rather than standing with his city’s immigrant community. Despite his constant political gamesmanship, he is finally showing his true (read ‘extreme’) colors on tough issues like immigration.

In an interview with Hearst Connecticut Media, he promised to assist with the president’s immigration crackdown, a position Boughton’s own police chief disagrees with.

 “The sad truth of Mark Boughton’s newly rediscovered hard line on immigration is that he is willing to literally tear families apart just to score political points with the right wing of the Republican Party. Connecticut needs leaders who will stand up to Donald Trump’s dangerous agenda, not someone who looks to the Trump playbook of hatred and division for guidance.” – Connecticut Democratic Party Executive Director Michael Mandell