March 7, 2017/Press Releases

TrumpCare Is A Disaster

As large numbers of conservative lawmakers and right-wing groups reject the current TrumpCare proposal that would defund Planned Parenthood, shut down private health insurance coverage for abortion services, kill the Medicaid expansion, and give huge tax cuts to the very wealthy, all while stripping health coverage from millions of Americans, it is beyond clear that this bill is an utter disaster.

“Now I understand why congressional Republicans hid this bill in a locked room – because it’s an utter disaster. Connecticut has led the nation in implementing the Affordable Care Act, and hundreds of thousands of residents now have access to health coverage. But TrumpCare threatens to undo all of that. So the question for the Connecticut Republicans who have steadfastly supported Trump is this: What will you do to make sure every Connecticut resident who would lose coverage under this Republican plan has access to health care? Residents of the state deserve answers from our Republican leaders.” – Connecticut Democratic Party spokesman Leigh Appleby