March 24, 2017/Press Releases

VIDEO: TrumpCare Would Hurt Real People

In a web video released today, Connecticut Democrats are highlighting the real impact TrumpCare would have on everyday residents and calling out Connecticut Republicans for failing to stand up to President Trump as he proposes policies that attack Connecticut’s values. In fact, just yesterday, legislative Republicans failed to sign on to a Democratic effort urging President Trump to abandon his bill that would – according to the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office – strip health coverage from 24 million Americans, instead opting to send a watered-down letter of their own, calling on national Republicans only to take their time before passing the bill.


Video Transcript:

Mr. President.
Mr. President.
President Trump.
You promised a health care plan that gives every person access to the health care that they need.
I’m going to take care of everybody. I don’t care it costs me votes or not. Everybody is going to be taken care of, much better than they’re taken care of now.
Let’s be real. This plan doesn’t do anything that you promised.
In fact, it cuts health care for 24 million Americans. Those aren’t just numbers on a spreadsheet. They’re real people. People like me.
People like me.
People like me.
The Affordable Care Act made it possible for me to access the care and prescription drugs I would not otherwise be able to access. This TrumpCare plan would make it much harder for me to get the care that I need.
It would cost real people more money. Just in Connecticut, premiums would increase by $700 to $1000 in 2018. Instead of repealing the ACA,
Republicans should work with Democrats to improve the law for everyone.
Connecticut Republicans, you supported Donald Trump
It’s time for you to stand up and hold President Trump accountable.
We need you, Connecticut Republicans, to have our back and protect our care.