April 13, 2017/Press Releases

Balletto Statement On Gov. Malloy’s Announcement

Hartford, Ct. – In response to Governor Dan Malloy’s announcement today, State Party Chair Nick Balletto released the following statement.

“Plain and simple, our party and our state are better off today for Dan Malloy being our governor,” said Balletto. “He proved yet again this afternoon what he’s always been: a leader willing to make the hard choices necessary for the long-term interests of our state and to secure a sustainable future for our residents and our businesses, regardless of the political calculus.

“As the chair of the Connecticut Democratic Party, I am grateful for all he has done and continues to do to support our party, our candidates, and his fellow elected officials – even when he does not gain the credit or notoriety. I know that the work we do will not stop, and I know that the fighter I have come to respect and admire will keep working tirelessly for the causes and party in which he believes. And for that, we will be better off.

“As governor, Dan Malloy has built a stronger Democratic Party. He has inspired grassroots activism, helped elect candidates to local office and the state legislature, and made investments in party infrastructure that will last long beyond his terms in office. A strong Connecticut Democratic Party has led to a much-needed raise for working people, new and comprehensive gun-safety laws, the end of the death penalty in our state, and expanded healthcare access for hundreds of thousands of Connecticut residents.  His commitment to our party and the causes it represents haven’t been just about his term in office, but part of his life’s mission. I look forward to working with him in the years ahead to keep making progress toward our shared goals.”