June 19, 2017/News

SHAMEFUL: GOP Legislators Actively Encourage CT Businesses To Leave

This morning GOP State Senator (and potential candidate for statewide office) Toni Boucher and State Rep. Gail Lavielle are attending Florida Governor Rick Scott’s publicity tour event aimed at poaching Connecticut businesses.

“This is absolutely shameful. Rather than working to improve the economy for their constituents, Toni Boucher and Gail Lavielle are actively working to encourage businesses to move out of state. Legislative leaders Len Fasano and Themis Klarides should show some leadership and help to move Connecticut forward. Instead, their caucuses are actively undermining the work being done to stabilize the budget and create a more economically competitive state.

“There is no excuse for any elected official to actively work against the needs of their constituents, but that is exactly what these Republican legislators are doing.” – Connecticut Democratic Party Executive Director Michael Mandell