July 12, 2017/News

Connecticut’s budget would be trumped by Medicaid cuts

According to¬†analysis from the Joint Economic Committee Democrats, the Medicaid cuts in the Senate Trumpcare bill would be devastating to Connecticut’s budget. Indeed, in order make up for losses in Medicaid funding, Connecticut would have to cut 32% of its elementary and secondary education funding, 45% of its higher education funding, 166% of its corrections funding, or 58% of transportation funding.

Put simply, this Trumpcare bill is more than just a federal issue — it deeply affects the state budget, and the next governor will need to contend with these devastating cuts. The Democrats running have expressed united opposition to the bill, but the leading Republicans have refused to answer whether they support this bill or what they would do to mitigate its consequences on Connecticut residents.

“Every day we hear from Connecticut residents terrified about losing their health insurance under the Senate GOP bill. It’s clear that this legislation would have a profound effect on Connecticut families, to say nothing of the budgetary disaster it would be. It is beyond time for the spineless Republicans running for governor to level with the people they hope to represent and explain exactly what, if anything, they would do to protect health coverage for hundreds of thousands of residents of this state.” – Connecticut Democratic Party Executive Director Michael Mandell