August 8, 2017/Press Releases

Fasano to low-income students: You’re on your own

Hartford, Ct. – In an interview with Fox News, Senate Minority Leader Len Fasano made it clear that his party has no interest in helping students from lower-income school districts receive the educational opportunities they deserve. “[Governor Malloy] wants to give money to towns with fiscal problems –that’s counterintuitive, against logical public policy –he wants to reward bad behavior to the detriment of those who have done more with less,” Fasano said.

Put simply, Fasano and Connecticut Republicans believe in an educational funding system that rewards students from wealthier, higher performing districts at the expense of poorer students from less wealthy districts.

“Once again, Len Fasano is more than happy to throw low-income kids from struggling communities under the bus.” said Connecticut Democratic Party Chairman Nick Balletto. “Democrats believe that every child in Connecticut – no matter their zip code – deserves the opportunity to succeed. Our state cannot succeed if we leave entire communities behind.

“Republican elected officials are making it clear who they are fighting for in these budget discussions. Incredibly, they have taken the position that the right to a quality education belongs only to kids from rich communities. That runs counter to Connecticut’s values, and it hurts the very districts many GOP senators – including Fasano – represent.”

GOP Senators Representing Alliance Districts:

Senator Towns
George Logan Ansonia, Derby, Hamden, Naugatuck
Henri Marin Bristol
Mike McLachlan Danbury
Len Fasano East Haven
Len Suzio Meriden, Middletown
Paul Formica New London
Scott Frantz Stamford
Tony Guglielmo Vernon
Joe Markley Waterbury
Craig Miner Winchester
John Kissel Windsor Locks