November 16, 2017/Press Releases

The House just voted to raise taxes on hardworking Connecticut families while giving massive handouts to billionaires. Where do GOP candidates stand?

Hartford, Ct. – The U.S. House, with only Republican votes, just passed a tax bill that raises taxes for hardworking Connecticut families at the same time as it gives massive handouts to wealthy individuals and large corporations. While Connecticut GOP candidates run around the state and try to convince middle-class residents to support their campaigns, not one of them (with the exception of Tim Herbst, who supports the GOP plan) has weighed in on a proposal that will unquestionably hurt Connecticut.

“Giving massive handouts to billionaires while jacking up taxes on the rest of us is just plain wrong, and it’s unconscionable that — as they did during the health care debate — the Republican candidates for governor refuse to speak out,” said Connecticut Democratic Party Executive Director Michael Mandell. “We need a governor who is unafraid to take a stand when something coming out of this administration is clearly bad for Connecticut. Sadly, every Republican running for governor is either too spineless to take a position or actually supports this anti-Connecticut legislation.”

David Walker, who used to call himself the ‘deficit ranger,’ has no comment on a bill that would add $1.5 trillion to the deficit over the next 10 years. Instead, he and Tim Herbst just spent two days in Texas, learning how to bring the Trump agenda to the states.