November 8, 2017/Multimedia, Press Releases

VIDEO: Why Tim Herbst was soundly rebuked

Hartford, Ct. – Last night the voters of Trumbull delivered First Selectman and perennial statewide candidate Tim Herbst a stinging rebuke. After eight years of dishonesty, bullying, and corrupt tactics, voters strongly rejected Herbst’s handpicked successor.

VIDEO: Why Tim Herbst was soundly rebuked by voters

“The voters of Trumbull sent Tim Herbst and his allies a strong message last night, and we are grateful that Vicki Tesoro is preparing to take back the reins of government and move Trumbull in the right direction after years of backtracking under the Herbst administration,” said Connecticut Democratic Party Executive Director Michael Mandell. “For the past eight years, Tim Herbst has seen the local taxpayers he was elected to serve as nothing more than stepping stones to higher office. He has abused the power and resources entrusted to him. And, much like his role model Donald Trump,┬áhe has broken the key promises he made while running for office, most notably by raising taxes by 34 percent while giving himself a 23 percent raise. This is someone who lacks the temperament and values to serve in future elected office.”