December 6, 2017/Press Releases

CT Dems announce 2018 state convention delegate allocation

Hartford, Ct. – The Connecticut Democratic Party today announced 2018 state convention delegate counts by town. As outlined in state party rules, each town’s delegate allocation is derived from the average of two factors: the number of registered Democrats in a town and the votes cast for the Democratic candidate in the most recent presidential election.

Democratic Party Convention Rules Regarding Delegate Selection:

Article III, Section 3:

At each congressional, senatorial, assembly, and probate district convention, each town or portion of the town to be represented at that convention shall be entitled to one (1) delegate for each five-hundred (500) or fraction thereof derived from the average of the following factors: (a) Democratic registration as shown on the last list published by the Office of the Secretary of the State, and (b) votes cast for the Democratic candidate for President in the last preceding presidential election. At each State Convention, each town shall be entitled to the sum of the delegates representing each such town at the several senatorial district conventions whereat each such town is represented, and each town’s delegation shall include a number of delegates residing in each of said senatorial districts equal to the number of delegates representing said town at each of such senatorial district conventions.

Town by town delegate allocation can be found here.

“In our effort to make the 2018 convention process the most open and transparent in our state’s history, we are proud to release these delegate counts,” said Connecticut Democratic Party Chairman Nick Balletto. “While the Republican gubernatorial candidates debate behind closed doors in front of only high-dollar GOP donors, Democrats are prioritizing accessibility and inclusion. We are working with party leaders and activists statewide to encourage their continuing involvement in our party’s electoral process so we can build on the grassroots momentum from 2017. The 2018 midterm election will demonstrate that change can and will start at home and has major consequences for how our leaders will stand up and fight for Connecticut residents in the face of the damaging agenda being pushed by Donald Trump and his national Republican allies.”