February 15, 2018/Media, Press Releases

When Trump Calls, Erin Stewart Goes

When Trump Calls, Erin Stewart Goes

Hartford, CT – Erin Stewart, who has painted herself as a “different kind of candidate”, is falling in line with the rest of the Republican gubernatorial candidates when it comes to Trump.

As Erin Stewart heads down to the White House today, the White House is amid yet another scandal after employing Rob Porter despite their knowledge of multiple domestic violence accusations against him and allowing him to handle sensitive documents despite only having interim security clearance.

Erin Stewart has made it clear that she will show up when the White House calls and ignore glaring problems in the administration when they do. As the President Trump works to dismantle health care, block women’s access to contraceptives, and roll back LGBT rights, Erin Stewart will stay silent.

“Erin Stewart is proving once again that she is not a different kind of candidate,” said Connecticut Democratic Party Communications Director Christina Polizzi. “Erin Stewart has failed again to show Connecticut voters that she will stand up to the Trump administration. Connecticut needs a leader who will fight back against the Trump agenda, not stand idly by as they are embroiled in scandal after scandal and failed policy after failed policy. Erin Stewart is not a different kind of candidate, she is just like every other Republican gubernatorial candidate–complicit in Donald Trump’s agenda. Stewart has made it perfectly clear, when President Trump calls she will step up to the plate to be his partner.”