March 27, 2018/Press Releases

Connecticut Democratic Party Communications Director Statement on Republican Senate Caucus

Hartford, CT – Today, the Republican Senate caucus unanimously voted against Justice McDonald’s nomination. Connecticut Democratic Party Communications Director Christina Polizzi released the following statement:

“There can be no more uncertainty. Connecticut Republicans, by taking a purely partisan caucus position of blocking this nomination, have fully aligned themselves with the tactics of the radical, right wing, party of Trump. They are politicizing the bench in an attempt to score cheap political points and setting a dangerous precedent for the state of Connecticut. Anyone who cannot draw the parallels between Len Fasano and Mitch McConnell is not looking closely enough–this was a calculated effort to block a qualified judge with purely political motives.

“Nearly every single Republican senator has acknowledged Andrew McDonald’s qualifications and yet they to refused to judge him on his merits to become Chief Justice. They can continue to attempt to give a justification, but it’s clear their actions mimicked those of the Republican United States Senate in their successful effort to block President Obama’s nomination of Merrick Garland and tamper with the nonpartisan nature of the judiciary and the rule of law. Connecticut Republicans have brought Mitch McConnell and Trump tactics to the Connecticut legislature. And let’s be perfectly clear, elections have consequences and this November will be a critical opportunity for voters to hold them accountable.”