March 23, 2018/Press Releases

#TBT: Tim Herbst Cuts Teacher’s Benefits After Giving Himself a Raise

Hartford, CT – As First Selectman of Trumbull in 2016, Tim Herbst rolled back Trumbull teacher’s benefits to save money in Trumbull’s budget, but not before receiving a 22% raise in 2014. By cutting teacher’s benefits, Herbst was violating a collective bargaining agreement made between the Trumbull Education Association and the Trumbull Board of Education. Herbst’s budget reduction also caused over 80 non-tenured teachers to be fired. Before Tim Herbst resorted to cutting benefits and laying off teachers, did he offer to give back his raise to the town’s budget?

“Tim Herbst has promised to be practical about Connecticut’s budget if he were elected Governor,” said Connecticut Democratic Party Communications Director Christina Polizzi. “Does Herbst’s definition of practicality involve cutting funding to education, teachers, and unions in the state? We know that when teachers are laid off or lacking in benefits, our students and public education system suffer. At a time when the nation’s educators are already going through the trauma of protecting students from the epidemic of mass shootings, cutting their pay and benefits seems like the last thing we should want from the leader of Connecticut.”

Oh and don’t forget, Tim Herbst decided another good use of public funding was to finance a private investigation into his political rivals instead of supporting educators.