April 2, 2018/Press Releases

Chairman Balletto Statement on Representative Esty’s Decision

Hartford, CT – After Congresswoman Esty’s decision not to seek re-election, Connecticut Democratic Party Chair Nick Balletto released the following statement:

“Over the last few days, I have been in touch with Congresswoman Esty, our party leaders, and the activists that are on the front line fighting for issues that we all care about. As a result of these discussions, I believe this was ultimately the best decision for her and for her constituents.

“Make no mistake, this was not about politics for the Congresswoman or for the leaders of our party, this was about the real issues that women face in our workplace and across our communities. That is why all of our Democratic leaders believe in listening to our constituents, advocates, and those that have been affected. It is why we cannot lose focus and must continue the conversation about workplace harassment and the institutions that all too often fail to protect the victim. I have no doubt that as Congresswoman Esty completes her term, she will use these experiences to fight for workplace protections and continue her work on women’s issues, of which she has been a leading advocate for the entirely of her career.

“Congresswoman Esty is a tireless fighter and has spent her years in Congress advocating for Connecticut values and for her district. Throughout her career in elected office, she has and will continue to do important work for the fifth congressional district, for the state of Connecticut, and for the country. I have no doubt that she will continue to be a staunch advocate for gun violence prevention, women’s issues, growing jobs in our state, and for workers’ rights and protections.

“The Congresswoman said it best herself, there is still work to be done. And I thank her for her continued service to our party and our state.”