April 25, 2018/Press Releases

Connecticut Republicans Receive Endorsements from Connecticut’s NRA

Hartford, CT – Today the CCDL announced their endorsements for statewide, state legislative, and federal office.

The CCDL has recently lobbied against common-sense reforms in Connecticut like a ban on bump stocks, which were used in one of the worst mass shootings in U.S. history and joined Connecticut Republicans in their successful obstruction of a qualified Supreme Court Justice nominee. The CCDL has taken their cues from the NRA and systematically lobbied against measures that would prevent further gun violence and keep our communities safe. In another cue from the NRA, they recently attacked a teenage survivor of the Parkland shooting.

Their top pick for Governor, Peter Lumaj, said he was “humbled and honored” to receive their endorsement. And with this endorsement, it is very clear that the powerful interests within the Republican Party believe that this primary race is all about who can mirror President Donald Trump and his agenda, which will hurt Connecticut residents and put them in danger.

Let’s be clear on what this endorsement means: Peter Lumaj, Mark Lauretti, Tim Herbst, Joe Markley, Sue Hatfield, Art Linares, Manny Santos and Pam Staneski are championing an organization that:

  • Attacks our youth, particularly those who are voicing their concerns after their classmates were murdered in a mass shooting
  • Want to roll back the bipartisan common-sense gun laws passed in 2013
  • Believe that bump stock bans are unnecessary legislation

“The CCDL has fought against legislation that would protect our children and keep our communities safe,” said Connecticut Democratic Party Communications Director Christina Polizzi. “While these candidates are the favorites of this group, they are by no means the only candidates who chose to seek the CCDL’s endorsement. That is why we ask the CCDL to release those who sought an endorsement, the questions they answered, and the commitments that were made by these candidates. Each one of the GOP candidates for office have shown time and time again that they do not believe gun violence prevention is a voting issue. They don’t care enough to meet with students, to hear from gun violence victims, or talk about steps that can be taken to protect our schools, restaurants, places of worship, or any other location that Americans are killed by gun violence each and every day across our country. While these candidates won the day in terms of appeasing the new Trumpian CT GOP, every candidate has shown that they are just a different shade of paint as they cower to President Trump and seek to be his partner in office.”