April 5, 2018/Press Releases

#TBT: Front Running Peter Lumaj Thinks Trump’s Presidency is a Huge Success

Hartford, CT – At last night’s debate Peter Lumaj said he “couldn’t wait” to vote for Trump in 2020. A few weeks ago on Face the State Peter Lumaj said “everything President Trump has done has been a success.” Donald Trump has managed to get a few things done while in office, and most of them have been disastrous for the middle class, immigrants, and for Connecticut.

  • Trump’s Tax Cut

Trump passed a tax bill that would benefit corporations–not middle-class families. Though Republicans have tried to tout this as a middle-class tax cut, it mostly benefits corporations and the rich, including Trump and his family. Trump’s tax plan was also disastrous for Connecticut, the state Peter Lumaj hopes to represent. Connecticut’s Commissioner of Revenue Services has already said over 75% of the tax cut went to the top 1% in Connecticut.

  • Travel Ban

Trump implemented a ban on travelers from 7 predominantly Muslim countries last year. In addition to being bad for national security and bigoted, the ban separatedand devastated American families and even prohibited a woman seeking asylum from ISIS from boarding a plane to the United States.

  • Withdrew from the Paris climate accord

Another accomplishment of the Trump administration was withdrawing from the largest international climate agreement in history. Trump decided to leave it to other countries to address climate change and cut carbon emissions. The Hartford Courant reported that Trump’s decision could “worsen the dramatic impacts global warming is already having on Long Island Sound as well as on Connecticut’s environment and landscape.”

“Peter Lumaj has an interesting opinion on what qualifies as successful,” said Connecticut Democratic Party Communications Director Christina Polizzi. “Lumaj wants to be exactly like Trump as Governor and rollback progress for middle class workers, immigrants, and in addressing climate change. Maybe once Connecticut voters reject his bid for Governor, he can ask Trump for another ‘ambassadorship’.”