May 12, 2018/Press Releases

Statement from Democratic State Party Chair Nick Balletto on 5th District Nominee

Hartford, CT – After the Republican delegates voted for their Congressional nominees, Democratic State Party Chair Nick Balletto released the following statement:

“Let’s be clear, Manny Santos is not running for Congress so that he can serve the people of Connecticut, he’s running to be closer to Donald Trump. Since the first day of his campaign, Santos has made it clear he is eager to be Donald Trump’s ally in Congress. He supports Donald Trump’s decision to ban transgender people from the military and was endorsed by Connecticut’s NRA. On the issues that Connecticut voters care about, from gun violence prevention, to a woman’s right to choose, to immigration, Manny Santos is going to stand with Donald Trump.

It could not be more vital that we are represented in Congress by leaders who will stand up for Connecticut in the age of Trump. Manny Santos and each of the other congressional nominees endorsed by Republican delegates have made it perfectly clear they won’t stand up for Connecticut.”