June 25, 2018/Press Releases

Mystery Millionaire: All the Issues Stemerman Still Hasn’t Taken a Position On

Hartford, CT – As Dave Stemerman announced he’ll invest more in his campaign for Governor, we wanted to send a reminder about all of the policy positions David Stemerman still hasn’t clarified:

  • How he’ll pay for his infrastructure plan

David Stemerman likes to say he’s put forward an infrastructure plan, yet experts are skeptical.

  • If he would protect the laws passed after Sandy Hook or the bump stock ban

Stemerman still hasn’t spoken about what he would do as Governor to protect our families and our communities.

  • If he would protect Connecticut’s health care

After the Trump administration announced it wouldn’t protect care for people with pre-existing conditions, Stemerman did not say what he would do as Governor to protect their care.

  • If he supports a minimum wage increase or paid sick leave

As Connecticut’s neighbors begin to pass legislation to ensure that workers have paid sick leave, Stemerman did not weigh in on if he would support this legislation.

  • A woman’s right to make decisions about her care with her doctor.

As the Trump administration continues to attack funding for Planned Parenthood, David Stemerman hasn’t taken a position on women’s health.

  • What he will do as Governor to protect immigrants

Stemerman said he was ”greatly disturbed” by families being separated at the border, but did not go so far as to say if he, like Governor Malloy and Republican Governor Charlie Baker, would have refused to send the National Guard to the border.

The only legislation that Stemerman has supported is Trump’s tax legislation, which is disastrous for families and workers in Connecticut. Connecticut’s Commissioner of Revenue Services said that over 75% of the tax cut went to the top 1% in Connecticut.

“As David Stemerman doubles down on his bid for Governor, he owes voters a clarification on where he stands on these issues,” said Connecticut Democratic Party Communications Director Christina Polizzi. “So far the only thing we know about David Stemerman is that he would welcome Trump to Connecticut, be silent on any issue that requires he actually stand up to Trump and that his hedge fund plummeted before he decided to run for Governor. Unfortunately for him, being Governor requires more than money and made up plans, it requires you actually take a position on issues.”