July 12, 2018/Press Releases

Republicans Give Trump an “A”

Hartford, CT – At tonight’s gubernatorial debate, Republican gubernatorial candidates all gave Trump an “A” for his first 18 months in office. Connecticut Democrats want to give Republicans a recap of the policies they’re endorsing:

  • Championed a tax bill that only benefits Connecticut’s top 1% of earners.
  • Started a trade war that harms Connecticut
  • Separated children from their parents at the border in what the Hartford Courant called an episode that will go down in “history as an act of brutality.”
  • Selected a nominee for the Supreme Court that could set back women’s health decades.
  • Stood by a Senate candidate who was accused of molesting multiple underage women.
  • Attempted to discredit an investigation into his campaign’s collusion with Russia that currently has 23 indictments.
  • Made 3,001 false claims as of May 2018.
  • Caused international faith in the U.S. leadership to decline.
  • Mocked the #MeToo movement.
  • Mocked President H.W. Bush.

“Their endorsement of Donald Trump shows every voter in Connecticut their lack of character and the type of policies they would enact as Governor,” said Connecticut Democratic Party spokesperson Christina Polizzi. “Not only have they continuously failed to stand up to Trump, they think he’s doing a great job. A candidate who won’t put Connecticut or human decency over loyalty to their Party has no place as Connecticut’s Governor.”