August 22, 2018/Press Releases

SHOCK: Bob Stefanowski Silent on Association With White Nationalist

Hartford, CT – New revelations reported today by Neil Vigdor of the Hartford Courant are deeply concerning to each and every voter in the state.

Bob Stefanowski brags that his tax scheme that would raise property taxes, gut education, and slash health care is supported by Trump economic advisor Larry Kudlow. Even though his tax experiment would make Connecticut similar to Kansas, his website proudly notes:

But as the Washington Post noted, Kudlow recently hosted Peter Brimelow, who wittingly publishes and gives a platform to white nationalists, at his home. Brimelow’s website“frequently publishes stories that are popular with the alt-right.”

According to the Post, “he has become a zealous promoter of white-identity politics on, the anti-immigration website that he founded in 1999.”

But Bob Stefanowski was not just silent on Kudlow’s apparent association with white nationalists.


That raises serious questions. Will he repudiate Larry Kudlow–who blessed his Kansas-like, voodoo-economics tax scheme–for his associations? Does he condemn President Trump or share Trump’s view that there are two sides to bigotry? Does he know Peter Brimelow? Did he have any conversations with him at the event? Will he apologize for being there? Will he repudiate Peter Brimelow?

So far, this is his campaign’s response:

“Stefanowski declined to comment…”

“Stefanowski’s campaign manager, Patrick Trueman, declined to comment..”

“Donald Trump once referred to a violent white nationalist protest as having ‘good people on both sides.’ As hate and bigotry across the country grow, Bob Stefanowski is silent on his own associations and those of his advisers,” said Connecticut Democratic Party spokesperson Christina Polizzi. “The voters of Connecticut deserve answers–and they deserve them now.”