August 27, 2018/Press Releases

We Found Bob!…But on NYC Radio?

Hartford, CT  – For two weeks, Bob Stefanowski has refused to answer even the most basic questions facing voters. Whether it’s women’s health, arming teachers, the opioid epidemic, and more, “no comment” or “did not return a call requesting comment” has been Stefanowski’s central message on critical issues.

But, as he ignores Connecticut voters and basic questions about what he believes, why was he talking about Donald Trump on New York City radio this weekend?

Why did he join John Castimatidis for an interview on Sunday, in an entirely different state, while blowing off the voters of Connecticut?

Highlights from his interview:

  • He praised Donald Trump’s tax plan, which hurts Connecticut residents by eliminating SALT deductions

  • Doubled down on his support from Larry Kudlow and voodoo-economics adviser Arthur Laffer for his bogus tax scheme

  • Emphasized how much he’s like Donald Trump

  • And even divulging that his own internal polls show him down three points.

But the big question is…why is he ignoring basic questions in Connecticut while proudly doing NYC interviews?

“This is the most extreme ticket in Connecticut GOP history, and it’s clear that Bob Stefanowski is hiding from basic questions. He knows his ‘plans’ will cause property taxes to soar, education to be cut, and transportation to be gutted. It’s no wonder he’s ignoring our state while doing NYC interviews,” said Democratic Party spokesperson Christina Polizzi.