September 6, 2018/Press Releases

What They’re Saying: Stefanowski “Missing”

Hartford, CT – Bob Stefanowski refused to attend last night’s first gubernatorial debate. With just under nine weeks until Election Day–why won’t he answer basic questions? Maybe because he knows his phony tax experiment would raise property taxes, gut education, and undercut job growth.

As a result, he went missing:

Republican Bob Stefanowski wasn’t quite ready to fit Democratic nominee Ned Lamont and petitioning candidate Oz Griebel into his campaign schedule.

… the Stefanowski campaign said the Wednesday after Labor Day was too early for a debate.

Stefanowski’s campaign said he plans to attend other debates and that he didn’t feel like Wednesday night’s was that important.

…missing Stefanowski in first debate.

…a missing Stefanowski.

“Here’s the real reason Bob Stefanowski didn’t want to show up at last night’s debate: he doesn’t want to admit that he’s going to hike up property taxes while decimating aid to towns and cities, cutting education, and letting our infrastructure crumble. His scheme would be disastrous for our state,” said Connecticut Democratic Party spokesperson Christina Polizzi.