January 25, 2022/Press Releases

CT Democrats on Bob Stefanowski’s New Television Ad

Connecticut Democratic Party Chair Nancy DiNardo on Bob Stefanowski’s first ad of the Republican primary campaign: 

“Here’s what Bob Stefanowski left out of his first ad. He’s a candidate who is against the existence of the minimum wage altogether, has an “A” rating from the NRA and opposed commonsense gun legislation passed in the wake of Sandy Hook, and opposes legislation like paid family medical leave to support the middle class. His extreme economic views would result in money being slashed for schools, higher property taxes, cuts to health care, and laid off health care workers. And he’s a Trump supporter who, when asked to grade Donald Trump as President, gave him an ‘A’ grade and called Trump’s endorsement of his candidacy ‘pretty cool.’

“While Governor Lamont provides strong, steady leadership through a once-in-a-century pandemic, continues to deliver record surpluses in our budget, and has our rainy day fund reaching all-time highs – all without tax increases – Bob Stefanowski is far outside of the mainstream of Connecticut, and voters won’t buy what he’s selling. It’s no wonder then that a far-right candidate who is too extreme for our state has to put $1 million on TV in January.”