January 21, 2022/Press Releases

CT Dems Chair calls out GOP on eve of 49th anniversary of Roe v. Wade

“Abortion rights are under the greatest threat since 1973. It will remain safe and legal here because our General Assembly had the courage to make Roe v. Wade Connecticut law. But that also means elected officials here could take other actions to restrict access. Paying lip service to women’s rights isn’t enough. Republicans who want to be governor, who want to serve in any public office, must speak out. Voters have a right to know where they actually stand.

“Would Bob Stefanowski support abortion rights as they currently exist if he were elected governor? His running mate from 2018 certainly wouldn’t. Would any Republican candidates for governor, constitutional office or the legislature support existing abortion rights? Connecticut voters overwhelmingly support abortion rights – do they? Voters deserve to know.”