February 17, 2022/Press Releases

ON GUNS: Connecticut Gets an A from Gabby Giffords; Stefanowski Gets an A from the NRA

The Giffords Law Center’s annual Gun Law Scorecard, released today, gives Connecticut an A- for its common-sense gun violence prevention laws, some of the smartest in the nation, many of which were passed in the wake of tragedy at Sandy Hook. 

While Connecticut made Gabby Giffords’ Honor Roll, Bob Stefanowski has also has gotten an “A”…from the NRA.  Why? Because Stefanoswki stands with the NRA 100 percent of the time.  

In 2018, Stefanowski opposed the post-Sandy-Hook gun laws, measures to control 3D printed ghost guns and said he would veto “any legislation that makes it tougher on gun owners.” 

Gov. Ned Lamont has doubled down on his commitment to public safety and smart gun violence prevention. In addition to his support for Connecticut’s gun control measures – Gov. Lamont has proposed new policies to keep our families safe, including:  

  • Establishing a Gun Tracing Task Force to identify the source of illegal guns
  • Creating a statewide community violence intervention program
  • New measures to stop the flow of illegal “ghost guns”
  • Closing loopholes in assault weapons laws
  • Strengthening laws on safe storage of firearms, and
  • Banning anyone convicted of domestic violence from holding a carry permit

“Today’s report from the Giffords Law Center makes the stakes in this election clear: Governor Lamont stands for smart laws, while Bob Stefanowski stands with the NRA. Governor Lamont stands for common-sense, and Bob Stefanowski stands with the extreme wing of his party” Nancy DiNardo, Chair of the Connecticut Democratic Party, said. “Bob Stefanowksi will try to roll back the laws that have kept our children safe and to block efforts to get illegal guns off our streets.”