September 7, 2022/Press Releases

Bob Stefanowski Supported Repealing School Safety Law 

Far-right candidate Stefanowski supported repealing a law passed after the deadly school shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School that increased funding for school security 

Hartford, CT – This week, Bob Stefanowski has taken a page out of the far-right playbook, unveiling a new ‘Parental Bill of Rights’ that would weaponize extreme policies under the ruse of keeping students safe and parental control.

If Bob Stefanowski really wanted to keep children safe, why did he call gun-free zones “a bad thing;” support the repeal of funding for school security; and say he would “veto any legislation that makes it tougher on gun owners”?

Stefanowski received the highest rating from the NRA, but never released his answers to the NRA questionnaire that earned that rating. What did he promise the NRA? 

He also supported repealing An Act Concerning Gun Violence Prevention and Children’s Safety, bipartisan legislation passed after the horrific murder of 26 children and teachers in Sandy Hook. The law, passed in 2013, bans the sale of high-capacity magazines; expands the list of guns banned from being sold and authorizes up to $15 million for a new grant program for school safety projects.

“These are more extreme politics from a Republican candidate who does not stand with Connecticut’s values,” said State Senate Majority Leader Bob Duff.

“Bob Stefanowski and his running mate hold press conferences touting issues like ‘parental control’ and ‘school safety,’ but how do you have an honest conversation about school safety without school security and gun safety measures?” asked Lauren Gray of Connecticut Democrats. “While Governor Lamont has prioritized keeping our kids, schools, and teachers safe through common sense gun safety legislation and funding for school safety, Stefanowski is openly opposing a bill that provides funding for school security.”