May 8, 2024/Press Releases

Statement from Connecticut Democratic Chair Nancy DiNardo on the conflict in Gaza and Israel

The Democratic Party of Connecticut represents a diverse coalition of voices from across our state. As a party, we embrace diversity and share a common belief that every human life is valuable, regardless of faith or ethnicity. We express immense sorrow over the loss of lives and the suffering endured by people in Gaza, the West Bank, Israel, and the broader region. We are committed to achieving lasting peace and seek the cessation of armed conflicts globally.

We continue to condemn racism, antisemitism, Islamophobia, and hate speech both abroad and within our communities. In solidarity with our members from various communities, we advocate for a political solution that acknowledges the common humanity of both Israelis and Palestinians and respects the human rights of all.  We support the initiation of peace negotiations and immediate humanitarian aid to Gaza.