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Democratic State Central Committee

ChairNancy DiNardondinardo[at]
Vice Chair Erick Russellerussell[at]
Treasurer Eloisa Melendezemelendez[at]
SecretaryAudrey Blondinaudbl[at]
1st DistrictMs. Christine Fortunatocfortunato63[at]
1st DistrictMr. Celestino Jimenez, Jr.humanhart[at]
2nd DistrictMs. Karen Catokcorganizer[at]
2nd DistrictMr. Edwin Garciaegarcia042003[at]
3rd DistrictMr. Tony Duartetonygolfs[at]
3rd DistrictMs. Moriah Moriartymoriah2005[at]
4th DistrictMr. David Dumainedrtarkus[at]
4th DistrictMs. Ellen Saunige.berndtson[at]
5th DistrictMs. Barbara Gordonctseafoodcouncil[at]
5th DistrictMr. Joseph Staffordjstafre[at]
6th DistrictMs. Joann Angelico-Stetsonjostetson[at]
6th DistrictVacant seat
7th DistrictMr. Tom Frenayefrenaye[at]
7th DistrictMs. Karen Jarmoc
8th DistrictMs. Dana Barcellos-Allendanamva[at]
8th District
9th DistrictMr. John M. Kellyjkelly[at]
9th DistrictMs. Sharon D. Moundssdmoundz[at]
10th DistrictMr. Scott Marksmarksscott16[at]
10th DistrictMs. Audrey Tysonhott7104[at]
11th DistrictVacant seat
11th DistrictMs. Jennifer Popejennifer.pope[at]
12th DistrictMs. Marti Carlsonmarticar[at]
12th DistrictMr. Chuck Tiernanctiernan[at]
13th DistrictMs. Lynn DawsonLynn[at]
13th DistrictMr. Billy Taylorbbt426[at]
14th DistrictMr. Thomas J. McCarthymytmac[at]
14th DistrictMs. Trish Pearsontrishpearson281[at]
15th DistrictMs. Allison Cainecaineandcaine[at]
15th DistrictMr. Ronald Napoli, Sr.ronald.napoli[at]
16th DistrictMr. Thomas K. McDonoughtmcdonwtby[at]
16th DistrictMs. Jennifer Micaccijmicacci[at]
17th DistrictMr. Marc Garofaloteamgaofalo[at]
17th DistrictMs. Carol Goldbergcrgoldberg[at]
18th DistrictMs. Karla Desjardinsksquared2199[at]
18th DistrictMr. Nicholas Vegliantenpvdtc[at]
19th DistrictMr. Larry Goldmangoldman[at]
19th DistrictMs. TIffany Thielethielefor55th[at]
20th DistrictMr. Anthony Attanasiotony.attanasio[at]
20th DistrictMs. Betsy RitterBetsyRitter24[at]
21st DistrictMs. Immacula Cannimmacula6[at]
21st DistrictMr. Jimmy Tickeyjimmytickey[at]
22nd DistrictMs. Mary Markhammmarkham625[at]
22nd DistrictMr. Thomas C. McCarthymccarthybpt[at]
23rd DistrictMr. Ernest Newtonenewton414[at]
23rd DistrictMs. Maria Vallemiv[at]
24th DistrictMr. Gene EriquezGeneEriquez[at]
24th DistrictMs. Deborah Gogliettinogogliettino1417[at]
25th DistrictMr. Edwin Camachoecamlaw[at]
25th DistrictMs. Galen Wright Wellsgwwells[at]
26th DistrictMr. Tom Dubintomdubin[at]
26th DistrictMs. Melissa Kanekatz_kane[at]
27th DistrictMr. Josh Fedelijosh.fedeli[at]
27th DistrictMs. Lauren MeyerLemeyer21[at]
28th DistrictMr. John Brannellyjohnbrannellyjr[at]
28th DistrictMs. Michelle Embree Kumichelle.embreeku[at]
29th DistrictMr. Brian Andersonbanderson[at]
29th DistrictMs. Cherie Langloischerie.langlois[at]
30th DistrictMs. Audrey Blondinaudbl[at]
30th DistrictMr. Lawrence Sweeneylms58[at]
31st DistrictMr. Peter Brazaitispeter.brazaitis[at]
31st DistrictMs. Rebecca Martinezplainvilledemocrats[at]
32nd DistrictMs. Vanita BhallaVanitaBhalla11[at]
32nd DistrictMr. J. Paul Vance, Jr.jpaulvance[at]
33rd DistrictMs. Meaghan KehoegreenMeaghanerin[at]
33rd DistrictMr. Justin Kronholmjkronholm[at]
34th DistrictMs. Mary Crawfordrabbitslippersblog[at]
34th DistrictMr. Steve Fontanasafontana[at]
35th DistrictMr. William Dauphindauphinb[at]
35th DistrictMs. Lisa Thomaslisadthomas.13[at]
36th DistrictMs. Elizabeth Krumeichekkrumeich[at]
36th DistrictMr. Howard Richmanhoward[at]
YDMr. Brian Coughlin
YDMs. Ratasha Smithratasha_s[at]
DNCMs. Nancy Wymanwyman.nancy[at]
DNCMr. John Olsenjolsen8980[at]
CounselMr. Kevin Reynoldskreynolds[at]
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