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Democratic State Central Committee

ChairNancy DiNardo(860) 560-1775[email protected]
Vice Chair Erick Russell(860) 560-1775[email protected]
Treasurer Eloisa Melendez(203) 219-8188[email protected]
SecretaryAudrey Blondin(860) 307-8944[email protected]
1st DistrictMs. Christine Fortunato(860) 529-3828[email protected]
1st DistrictMr. Celestino Jimenez, Jr.(860) 706-4813[email protected]
2nd DistrictMs. Karen Cato(860) 212-1718[email protected]
2nd DistrictMr. Edwin Garcia[email protected]
3rd DistrictMr. Tony Duarte(860) 644-7817[email protected]
3rd DistrictMs. Moriah Moriarty(860) 478-9569[email protected]
4th DistrictMr. David Dumaine(860) 649-5632[email protected]
4th DistrictMs. Ellen Saunig(978) 869-7223 [email protected]
5th DistrictMs. Barbara Gordon(860) 521-0177[email protected]
5th DistrictMr. Joseph Stafford(860) 561-3112[email protected]
6th DistrictMs. Joann Angelico-Stetson(860) 690-7969[email protected]
6th DistrictMr. Darek Barcikowski(617) 869-0601[email protected]
7th DistrictMr. Tom Frenaye(860) 597-4539[email protected]
7th DistrictMs. Karen Jarmoc
(860) 550-0427[email protected]
8th DistrictMs. Dana Barcellos-Allen(936) 662-1901[email protected]
8th DistrictMr. Matthew Gianquinto(860) 680-3155[email protected]
9th DistrictMr. John M. Kelly(860) 667-9354[email protected]
9th DistrictMs. Sharon D. Mounds(860) 529-9885[email protected]
10th DistrictMr. Scott Marks[email protected]
10th DistrictMs. Audrey Tyson(203) 804-7104[email protected]
11th DistrictMr. Alfred Onorato(203) 467-7226[email protected]
11th DistrictMs. Jennifer Pope(203) 843-5103[email protected]
12th DistrictMs. Marti Carlson(203) 453-6101[email protected]
12th DistrictMr. Chuck Tiernan(203) 980-9117[email protected]
13th DistrictMs. Lynn Dawson(203) 915-5172[email protected]
13th DistrictMr. Billy Taylor(203) 947-4136[email protected]
14th DistrictMr. Thomas J. McCarthy(203) 530-3009[email protected]
14th DistrictMs. Trish Pearson(203) 640-5969[email protected]
15th DistrictMs. Allison Caine(203) 560-0574[email protected]
15th DistrictMr. Ronald Napoli, Sr.(203) 910-0044[email protected]
16th DistrictMr. Thomas K. McDonough(203) 982-1561[email protected]
16th DistrictMs. Jennifer Micacci(860) 919-0998[email protected]
17th DistrictMr. Marc Garofalo(203) 735-3652[email protected]
17th DistrictMs. Carol Goldberg(203) 393-0350[email protected]
18th DistrictMs. Karla Desjardins(860) 608-4175[email protected]
18th DistrictMr. Nicholas Vegliante(860) 978-8208[email protected]
19th DistrictMr. Larry Goldman(860) 887-1278[email protected]
19th DistrictMs. TIffany Thiele(860) 531-2397[email protected]
20th DistrictMr. Anthony Attanasio(860) 303-4818[email protected]
20th DistrictMs. Betsy Ritter(860) 514-2003[email protected]
21st DistrictMs. Immacula Cann(203) 377-2927[email protected]
21st DistrictMr. Jimmy Tickey203-520-1910[email protected]
22nd DistrictMs. Mary Markham(203) 261-0677[email protected]
22nd DistrictMr. Thomas C. McCarthy(203) 218-4843[email protected]
23rd DistrictMr. Ernest Newton(203) 545-0561[email protected]
23rd DistrictMs. Maria Valle(203) 521-7837[email protected]
24th DistrictMr. Gene Eriquez(203) 743-5368[email protected]
24th DistrictMs. Deborah Gogliettino(203) 792-3629[email protected]
25th DistrictMr. Edwin Camacho203-434-0873[email protected]
25th DistrictMs. Galen Wright Wells(203) 515-7410[email protected]
26th DistrictMr. Tom Dubin203-530-4400[email protected]
26th DistrictMs. Melissa Kane(917) 974-7655[email protected]
27th DistrictMr. Josh Fedeli(203) 667-7435[email protected]
27th DistrictMs. Lauren Meyer(203) 921-8397[email protected]
28th DistrictMr. John Brannelly(619) 405-3523[email protected]
28th DistrictMs. Michelle Embree Ku(401) 439-0710[email protected]
29th DistrictMr. Brian Anderson(860) 483-4388[email protected]
29th DistrictMs. Cherie Langlois(860) 617-1997[email protected]
30th DistrictMs. Audrey Blondin(860) 307-8944[email protected]
30th DistrictMr. Lawrence Sweeney(860) 484-9165[email protected]
31st DistrictMr. Peter Brazaitis(860) 480-4118[email protected]
31st DistrictMs. Rebecca Martinez(860) 803-6741[email protected]
32nd DistrictMs. Vanita Bhalla(203) 586-8254[email protected]
32nd DistrictMr. J. Paul Vance, Jr.(203) 510-3175[email protected]
33rd DistrictMs. Meaghan Kehoegreen(860) 861-5924[email protected]
33rd DistrictMr. Justin Kronholm(860) 690-2001[email protected]
34th DistrictMs. Mary Crawford(203) 631-1026[email protected]
34th DistrictMr. Steve Fontana(203) 605-1022[email protected]
35th DistrictMr. William Dauphin(860) 268-2841[email protected]
35th DistrictMs. Lisa Thomas(860) 930-7303[email protected]
36th DistrictMs. Elizabeth Krumeich(203) 962-1462[email protected]
36th DistrictMr. Howard Richman(808) 657-5400[email protected]
YDMr. Brian Coughlin
YDMs. Ratasha Smith(203) 800-1797[email protected]
DNCMs. Nancy Wyman860-550-5805[email protected]
DNCMr. John Olsen(860) 664-9408[email protected]
CounselMr. Kevin Reynolds(860) 986-3898[email protected]


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