March 19, 2013/Press Releases

Labriola is Predictably Critical of Malloy; Silent on Foley

March 19, 2012

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Labriola is Predictably Critical of Malloy;  Silent on Foley 


(Hartford, Connecticut) – The Connecticut Democratic Party today released a statement from Chairwoman Nancy DiNardo in response to comments by Republican Party Chairman Jerry Labriola.

“It becomes clearer every day that Chairman Labriola and Candidate Tom Foley simply cannot separate an honest debate about improving public safety from the cold calculation of pure political ambition.  It’s politics like this that is stagnating Washington, and exactly the kind of politics residents of Connecticut have rejected time and again.”

“Governor Malloy is advocating for clear, common sense ideas that he is publicly standing behind, and that the majority of Connecticut residents support.  All the Connecticut Republican Party is doing is throwing stones — where is their plan? Where are their ideas?

Over the weekend, candidate Foley referred to a “Newtown bounce” when discussing recent polling data on the TV show Capitol Report, and has since refused to apologize for the crass comment.

“Does the chairman stand behind Candidate Foley’s offensive comment?”