March 18, 2013/Press Releases

Will Foley Apologize for Crass Comments?

March 18, 2013

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Will Foley Apologize for Crass Comments?

Candidate should apologize now.

(Hartford, Connecticut) – A day after candidate Tom Foley expressed offensive remarks on CT Capitol Report, the Connecticut Democratic Party is asking he apologize to the people of Connecticut.

“Tom Foley’s words are disgraceful and he owes the people of Connecticut an apology,” said Nancy DiNardo, chairwoman of the Connecticut Democratic Party.  “To use a horrendous tragedy like this as a ‘quip’ on a television show is beneath a candidate running for our state’s highest office.”

His crass comments came during an interview segment on CT Capitol Report.  (VIDEO from CT Capitol Report.  The segment begins at the 2:10 mark, comment at the 5:20 mark.)

“Tom Foley owes the people of Connecticut an apology.  His off-handed remarks regarding a ‘Newtown Bounce’ show just how out of touch he is with Connecticut voters,” said the Connecticut Democratic Party’s Executive Director Jonathan Harris.

Will he apologize?